Zone Gateway datasheet

Specification and description of the Atamate Zone Gateway

Download the Zone Gateway Datasheet here.


Zone Gateway (ZG) is an input and output device gateway and multiplexer for the Hausmate home automation system. Both digital and analogue,  inputs and outputs are available on 10 RJ45 sockets which allow connection to devices using standard CAT5/CAT6 cable. The ZG is powered by a  POE (Power over Ethernet) connection which also provides communication to the rest of the Hausmate system via the HAN (Hausmate Area  Network). Each ZG is given an individual HAN network address using 2 HEX switches. On establishing communication with the Atamate system  the ZG is automatically configured by the system and then communicates with explicit messages with automatic corruption/loss detection and resend.  

There are 10 sockets/ports on the ZG with 6 I/O lines, 0V and 5Vdc power supply. Each I/O line can be configured as a digital input or digital output, and some have special function e.g. analog input, analogue output. When configured as digital input lines they have optional 30kOhm pull-up resistors to the 5V supply. Each I/O line has a 130 Ohm inline current limiting resistor and transit over-voltage protection. 

The ZG processor scans all digital I/O lines every millisecond. Analog inputs are canned every 3 seconds and the last 8 readings are averaged on a  rolling average. 


The ZG has 11 connectors -  

POE - this provides communication and power for the ZG from a standard POE Ethernet switch (IEEE 802.3aF). RJ45 socket. 

Sockets 1 to 4 - these have 6 I/O lines, 3 of which can be configured as PWM analogue outputs (5 volt, 256 level, 500Hz PWM frequency). Socket 5 - This has 6 digital I/O lines. 

Sockets 6 to 10 - these have 6 I/O lines, 3 of which can be configured as analogue inputs (0-1.1V, 0-2.56V, 0-5V, 10 bit A2D converter) 

Maximum 200mA 5Vdc supply on any socket 

Maximum 1A 5Vdc between all sockets. 

Hex Switches 

The HEX switches are used to give the ZG an IP address - normally in the range of E1 to EF (15 ZGs) but can be anywhere between 90 and EF. As the ZG is on the HAN network - physically separate to the Local Area Network (LAN) and with a different subnet, this does not affect any IP addresses on the LAN. 

Status LED's . 

Red: Blue: Amber: Off - no power Flashes every time a message is sent Not used/spare Flashing 1 Hz - looking for Atamate controller 

Solid red - locked into Atamate controller


Physical Dimensions :- 225 x 125 x 35mm (WxHxD)

Storage :- 0 to 40C, 10 - 95%RH non-condensing

Usage :- 5 to 35C, 10 - 95%RH non-condensing