What does my electrician need to have completed so that my system can be commissioned?

How to ensure that the installation process goes as smoothly as possible by ensuring your electrician knows what needs to be done.

Every Atamate system is commissioned on site by one of our expert engineers. This process ensures that each device has been installed correctly, is connected to the network and is working as specified.

In order for an Atamate system to be commissioned, your electrician needs to have completed the installation. If this is not done, delays or time taken to complete commissioning can be expected.

These are the main things to check with your electrician;

  1. Wired all devices in and connected them - according to the Atamate provided electrical schedule. Please note, this includes all hardware in the plant room/wiring centres
  2. Functionally test the outputs from all devices
  3. Power up the Atamate Hub and ensure it is online.