Relay Unit - datasheet

Specification and description of the Atamate Relay Unit

Download a pdf of the Relay Unit Datasheet.


The Relay Unit (RU) is a custom output unit for the Atamate home automation system. It has 6 change-over relays (SPDT) which can be  supplied power from a common source or, if the relevant links are cut, can be supplied independently as 'dry contact' relays. The relays  are controlled and energised by a Zone Gateway (ZG) using a CAT5/CAT6 cable and RJ45 connector. There are 4 glands for the cables to  the relays.  

Relay unit image

Each relay has a manual over-ride 'ON' switch and an  LED indicator to show it is ON. There is also a power supply LED indicator to show the RU is connected to a ZG and has power.The relays are designed to have minimal power consumption, and thus heat generation, by using a larger 'pull-in' current and then reducing to a smaller 'hold' current. 


The RU has the following connections -  

  • ZG socket - for connecting back to a ZG - this supplies the RU with it's power and drive signals for the relays. This is a  RJ45 socket. 
  • 4 glands - for power and output cables to the relays.

Relay properties 

Relay - SPDT (Single Pole, Double Throw) with COMMON, N/O (Normally Open) and N/C (Normally Closed) terminals.  N/O - max 6 Amp, 240Vac, 30Vdc 

N/C - max 3Amp, 240Vac, 30Vdc 

C - Common terminal for N/O and N/C terminals. Cuttable links to adjacent relay 'C' terminals. 

N - Spare terminal for each relay, notionally a 'Neutral' terminal. Cuttable links to adjacent relay 'N' terminals. E - Spare terminal for each relay, notionally an 'Earth' terminal. All 'E' terminals are permanently linked together. 

Common supply terminals are permanently linked to relay 6. Also linked to other relays if the cuttable links are left in place.


Physical Dimensions :- 215mmx150x38mm (WxLxH). Extra space needed for cable entry.
Storage :- 0 to 60C, 10 - 95%RH non-condensing
Usage :- 0 to 40C, 10 - 95%RH non-condensing

relay unit dimensions

June 2016 V1.1