Mesh-3 Ceiling Sensor unit

Specification and description of the Atamate Mesh-3 ceiling sensor unit

Download a pdf of the Mesh-3 ceiling sensor Datasheet.


The highly innovated Atamate Surface Mount Ceiling Sensor Unit (SU) enables  the local collection, processing and control of building services in a typical room.  Data is transmitted to the Hub edge computer for further analysis and processing.

(1)V2 surface sensor unit transparent small copy


A variety of sensors can be included depending on need. 

Typically these include: 

  • Temperature (local air) 
  • Thermopile (local wall temperature) 
  • Carbon Dioxide 
  • Humidity 
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 
  • Noise level 
  • Vibration 
  • Ambient light. 


The SU includes a Nordic BluetoothTM 5 Processor that enables processing. This enables basic room controls including: 

  • Local light switch control of lights 
  • Local temperature controller to connected heater/cooler • Local window controller to connected window motor 
  • Shading controller to connected blinds/shutters.


The SU has a number of possible outputs that can be included depending on need: 

  • 2No 16Amp 250Vac relays 
  • (Other relays can be supplied if required) 
  • 20mm fuse for local supply to relay outputs 
  • Speaker 
  • Up to 6No Digital inputs and outputs (3.3Vds) 
  • Serial communications outputs with a 3.3Vdc, 500mA supply - Modbus,  I2C, Profibus. Specialist serial protocols on request. 

• BluetoothMT (BLE & 5) compatible devices.

Installation information

The SU can be installed by a qualified electrician. The SU is either powered from a 100-250Vac supply or a POE connection from a local network switch (IEE 802.3af). The SU is in white plastic which is paintable. 

Ceiling mounted in the corner of the room (ideally 1m x 1m from  corner and PIR has a clear ‘view’ of the room). 

Max room size - 9m x 9m. 

Cable entry form the side or through the base of the unit.


Humidity: 10 to 90% RH 

Temperature: 5 to 40 C 

Water/dust protection: IP20. 

The SU is part of an Atamate smart building installation. This is designed and commissioned by Atamate Partners.