Is my Atamate system going to be fully up and running on handover?

Your newly commissioned Atamate system should function exactly as it was designed too from the moment it is commissioned and handed over to you.

But, as with any new system there may be snagging that needs to be addressed. This could be caused by issues with the Bluetooth signal if you are installing a wireless system, or (more commonly) due to work not being completed by other contractors.

Read more about what is required from other contractors in more detail here.

Bluetooth signal issues may be caused by

- changes in design requiring a new configuration

- radio interference

- radio signal strength halves as the distance between gateways and receiver doubles, so devices may have been placed too far apart. 

- construction material can affect signal strength. Foil backed insulation can block Bluetooth signals not allowing them to travel between devices.

These issues can all be managed and mitigated, and if electrical designs are followed should not be an issue. But, when our engineer arrives on site, they will be able to advise solutions so that the system can be commissioned.