Hub-100 / POE / Connect-4 datasheet

Specification and description of the Atamate Hub-100 edge computer

Download the Hub-100 Datasheet here.


Hub Edge computer for small installations. 


The Hub is a small but powerful computer running a Linux operating system and Atamate soft ware. Optionally it includes 4No. AUX connectors for connecting to Atamate hardware via I2C  serial links or digital I/O, (1No. AUX also has RS485 capability for Modbus, Profibus, etc.) There  is also an option for POE power so that only one CAT5/6 cable needs to be run to the gateway,  instead of the standard CAT5/6 cable for data with an additional power cable.


100-250Vac, UK 13A plug power supply unit (supplying 5.1Vdc 3A via USB-C connector)  Power over Ethernet (PoE to IEEE 802.3af) option which also includes a cooling fan.

Installation information

The Hub can be installed by any qualified electrician. The Hub is powered from a small plug-in power supply unit or a POE connection from a local network switch. The Hub relies on convection air currents for cooling so needs good free air movement (PoE version includes a fan). 

Mounted on a vertical surface or on it’s side on a horizontal surface. 

Cable entry from the side and top of the unit. 

Requires connection to the LAN, HAN and power supply unit (if not POE).


Humidity: 10 to 90% RH 

Temperature: 5 to 40 C 

Water/dust protection: IP20 

The Hub is part of an Atamate smart building installation.  

This is to be designed and commissioned by Atamate Partners