How can I control my blinds using Atamate?

Simple to follow instructions on how to set up and use blind controls using your phone or computer or the Atamate HAZE light switch

The Atamate shading application has the ability to control curtains, roller blinds, and slatted or venetian blinds.

The control is operated by motors and since the curtains or blinds do not have any feedback mechanism to indicate their current position, the system maintains an estimate of the current position by recording how long the motors have been on, and comparing that with the time required to fully open or fully close the shading device. 

In order for the shading system to operate correctly, the commissioning process has to include the measurement of how long the shading device takes to open and how long it takes to close. 

For ease of reading, this document will refer to blinds but any reference to blinds can be applied to curtains too. 


Download the Shading User Guide