What is the Commissioning and Handover process?

A smooth handover between the installer and home owner can be achieved once your Atamate system has been commissioned. Here we go over this process in detail.

Once installed in your house, your Atamate system will need to be commissioned. This involves an Atamate engineer checking each device is linked into the system properly and working as specified.

Once each device has been commissioned, the engineer will ‘handover’ the system to you. They will explain how the User interface works and how to control the basics e.g. lighting and boosting heating. 

For commissioning to go smoothly, there are a number of things that have to have been done or be in place:

  • Main contractor and other contractors need to have completed all their work.
  • Electrical work finished as per schedule. The Commissioning and Handover process is entirely dependent on your electrician having completed the installation and all devices being connected correctly.
  • Functional testing completed by your electrician. All devices need to be tested to ensure they are wired correctly.
  • The Internet connection needs to be working - we can install a 4G router if needed or if your internet connection is not reliable.

If any of this work has not been completed, the commissioning process may be delayed, or take more time to complete.

Changes in design

One of the most common reasons for a delay in Commissioning is changes in design.

Your Atamate design will have been completed before the system is installed, but as with all buildings ‘as designed’ is rarely ‘as built’. The sooner we know about changes you want to make the sooner we can integrate this into the design. If there is additional hardware needed as a result of changes, the ordering and shipping of new items may result in delays.

How long will it take?

The time taken to complete commissioning varies depending on the complexity of the system installed in your home. The number of services being controlled, and the number of devices in the system are two guides as to the complexity of the network. 

We will always try to keep the time taken to commission systems to a minimum and most are completed in 2 days, please be aware that this process can on some occasion take a number of days. Your Atamate engineer will be able to give you guidance on how long they expect your commissioning to take.

There are How to Guides available on this knowledge base if there are any questions that remain unanswered after the engineer has left.